Red Velvet Soup

Grass, Roots & Grains is a great source for healthy inspiration in the kitchen! My 5 year old daughter glanced over my shoulder and saw the photo of Red Velvet Soup and insisted that we make it because “it looks good and my body needs it”. She’s right, we do need to be filling our bodies with tastiness and energy. Since then I have become quite a fan of Julie Montagu, and her terrific way of presenting food to live by. I am delighted be featuring 2 of her recipes in Foodarella. Cheers! Karen

When it comes to getting lots of nutrients into one dish, soup is the perfect way to do it. Within reason there’s no limit to how much goodness you can blend into any recipe and you can also mix in supplements without compromising the taste! Choosing to prepare soup is also a great way to make a lot of food with minimal fuss – which is perfect when you’ve got many mouths to feed at dinner time! This tasty dish takes just five minutes to prep for and a further 40 to cook, meaning you can easily make it fresh in the evening. My eight year old calls this his “favourite meal in the whole wide world” and he can easily polish off seconds and then thirds if there’s any left! To see what all the fuss is about and make some yourself, you’ll need the following ingredients:

red velvet soup grassrootsandgrains12 tbsp. of unrefined…

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