My name is Karen, and I am an eater, a mom, a lover of giant brass gongs, tumbleweeds, nature, art and all things homemade.  I live waaaay up in Sequoia National Forest in California with my family, in an old cabin deep in the pines, where we make our own power, listen to bobcats, cut our own firewood, and have never had curtains on the windows.  We live down a 3 mile dirt 4-wheelin’ road and often get snowed in during the winter, and our nearest “neighbors” are miles away.  It is beautiful, peaceful, and maddening (there are no other kids or people!) and there are times that I wish an airplane would just drop a pizza down from the sky for me to catch…

While I was sick in bed recently, I entertained a fun fantasy of tapping the world’s recipe boxes and compiling them into a cookbook called “Foodarella”.  I am new to the world of blogging and have been fascinated by all of the people I have seen here.  I started wondering what they eat and drink.  What spices do they use?  Do they grow their own food?  Do they ever paint, draw, or photograph their food?  Is there art to be found?

What would happen if I stuck the cast iron pan of destiny out into the world of blogging and someone popped something into it?  Sheer destiny alone could cause someone to peek here and decide they would care to share.  I will try their recipes from my remote kitchen in the forest!  I will publish a cookbook!  In exchange for each recipe, photograph, or bit,  I will showcase them in my book with their bio, and links.  I plan to publish this book.  I can do it!  I feel inspired by thoughts of new ideas of eating, new people and places, and find it as refreshing as freshly plucked watermelon icicles, of a perfect curry, of biscuits on a Wednesday!

I have seen a lot food and art floating out here in the publishing platforms of modern life and I can’t wait to scoop some up them with a blissful blogger-ladle.  It is fun, challenging, and I want your FOODARELLA!

I cordially invite you to join me.  If you have a recipe, food art, or kitchen wisdom to share, please contact me and I will be in touch to gather all of the necessities.  I thank you kindly and happy eating!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Great project! I would love to help.Let me know what sort of photos you are interested in? You can find the photos of fine food and caviar in my blog I posted last month. I made them for a caviar distributing company. Besides that, I do have plenty picture of food around the world, however I don’t remember the recipes. I try to set a quick album of food photography on wordpress, so you can browse it at your convenience.

    • Natalia, I see your page having basically random photos of foods splashed about it and then your bio & info, with perhaps one recipe from one of the photos, nestled on the side, if that makes sense…
      I look forward to delving in deeper, your photographs are amazing. Thank you for being a part of this project!

    • Hey, thanks for the vote of confidence! I know I can’t go wrong just to be gathering recipes and ideas from all of the creative foodies out there. Have a superb evening!

    • I have photographs lined up, but honestly, I had not been putting in the good, tasty work that is needed to get a blog out onto the dinner platters, so to speak. I am ever hopeful that some “food art” comes this way, but am quite satisfied already that the recipes are coming. Food can be a pain in the ass. Food can be art in itself! Thanks so much for asking!

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