Saffron: Tales from the Persian Kitchen

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I’m on a mission to showcase a side of Iran that never makes the headlines. Armed with just a notepad and a bottle of pomegranate molasses, I want to travel through Iran asking a cross-section of Iranians to share their favourite recipes with me. From my 77 year old grandmother who lives on a rice farm near the Caspian Sea to 22 year old hip hop stars in Tehran, I’ll be gathering recipes from fishermen and farmers, teachers and tradesmen, carpet makers and cab drivers. Whilst cooking together, I’ll ask people I meet to share the stories behind the food that they love.

In my aunt's kitchen, Astaneh-ye Ashrafiyeh, Gilan.

It is fairly rare that I discuss other projects here – mainly cause I am always so overwhelmed with all my own stuff to post. But this is one project that I am really excited about and want to see happen, because it really speaks to me…

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Chorizo with Cilantro Pesto Pasta

Fresh herbs, balsamic vinegar, feta, what more can I say? Check out Good Food Not Much Time with Leigh!

good food not much time

You know how it is when you just want to eat something different for dinner?  I have been in one of those moods.  I wanted it to be good and not take too long to cook.  Most of all, I wanted it to make my taste buds sing.  Yes…SING!

With the heat and the drought I have been missing my cilantro fresh from the garden.  I can get it at the grocer, but when it’s hot…its just doesn’t have the same flavor that it has when it grows more slowly.  Now that things are starting to cool down, the local cilantro has that crisp pungent flavor that I dearly love.

I am also lucky that our local grocer started making fresh chorizo about 2 years ago.  I has been a huge hit and has become a regular selection on the meat counter.  (I have never used the dried aged chorizo…

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Red Velvet Soup

Grass, Roots & Grains is a great source for healthy inspiration in the kitchen! My 5 year old daughter glanced over my shoulder and saw the photo of Red Velvet Soup and insisted that we make it because “it looks good and my body needs it”. She’s right, we do need to be filling our bodies with tastiness and energy. Since then I have become quite a fan of Julie Montagu, and her terrific way of presenting food to live by. I am delighted be featuring 2 of her recipes in Foodarella. Cheers! Karen

When it comes to getting lots of nutrients into one dish, soup is the perfect way to do it. Within reason there’s no limit to how much goodness you can blend into any recipe and you can also mix in supplements without compromising the taste! Choosing to prepare soup is also a great way to make a lot of food with minimal fuss – which is perfect when you’ve got many mouths to feed at dinner time! This tasty dish takes just five minutes to prep for and a further 40 to cook, meaning you can easily make it fresh in the evening. My eight year old calls this his “favourite meal in the whole wide world” and he can easily polish off seconds and then thirds if there’s any left! To see what all the fuss is about and make some yourself, you’ll need the following ingredients:

red velvet soup grassrootsandgrains12 tbsp. of unrefined…

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Foodarella: 100 Recipes In 100 Days!



This is me, Karen.  I’m making a cookbook and I would like your recipe.

I have decided that I would like to make a Cookbook called “Foodarella”, named for the word we use at the Cabin for all things food-related that we love. I would like to fill it with 100 random recipes from complete strangers, or whoever would be willing to write in, of good things to eat! It’s fun to think of compiling something like this on the internet, and I am hopeful that some of my fellow Word Press family of bloggers would like to participate.

I am fully aware that I don’t have a large readership and that many people probably won’t care.  I’m okay with that!   But, I just can’t get it out of my mind how fun it would be to collect recipes, bits of food-wisdom, photographs, and the like, simply from taking a chance that others would read this out in the big, juicy, food-filled world!

We love healthy stuff, sweet and kind stuff, crunchy and pliable stuff.  If ingredients come from our own gardens, are canned over red-checked tablecloths in our kitchens, or are just fabulously simple or delicious, then all the better!

If you care to share a bit from your own kitchen, please email your recipe, method, or bit of cookery wisdom, including your name and credits as you would like them to appear, photos etc. (or a drawing or painting of your food, hey now THAT would be cool!) to Karen at I trust you will properly credit the source of your foodarella as to not step on any toes in the pantry…

I’ll give this 100 recipe challenge 100 days to complete, as that just sounds good ‘eh?  Whether I end up with 2 or 100 to add, I’ll be happy. Like I said, it has been just enjoyable to think about (especially while I am snuggled up in bed with a head cold!) and I thank ya for reading.

Cheers and good thoughts, Karen